About Us

At the very heart of Vicky’s Gift Baskets is our core value of providing you gift baskets with exceptional gourmet ingredients. We carry only the finest quality ingredients for our handcrafted baskets and specialize in featuring locally sourced items.

Vicky’s Gift Baskets was founded with family values and the desire to provide exceptional handcrafted gifts for all of life’s special occasions. Our baskets are all premium-quality, hand selected, and same day ordered for ultimate freshness.

We know how important gifting is; you want only the best for your recipient and you need the package delivered on time. Our customer service team is here for you whether you want advice on a gift basket, assistance with tracking, or if you have any questions at all - we're with you every step of the way.

Take advantage of our exclusive 10% discount for all orders shipped to a Rowan County (NC) address. Cannot be combined with any other discount.

Additional Discounts

  •  20% OFF orders that are picked up at our location in Salisbury, NC. Cannot be combined with any other discount.
  • Free shipping on all East Coast orders, east of the Mississippi (United States only)
  • $19 flat rate shipping fee on any order shipped west of the Mississippi (United States only)